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Myrgle is a cartoon character I used to draw all day at jobs I hated. Myrgle loves you & urges you to seize the day, put on your favorite outfit, go to the park, take a deep breath, love yourself, & treat your fellow humans with compassion & kindness every day. Myrgle knows how hard life can be and believes strongly in color therapy to brighten even the darkest of days.

***Myrgle is about being KIND & looking cool while doing it.***

We hope you enjoy this curated mix of vintage, handmade, & designer goods and  want to give you a big thank you for shopping with us! Our planet thanks you for reusing the amazing stuff we already have here rather than participating in the fast fashion world.

We look forward to seeing you in your Myrgle duds. 

xoxo Chelsie & Myrgle

& my husband Nate because he helps me with everything 

& our dog Pamela 


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